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Use the submit form to get your work or event published in the news area at After validated by the Slanted editors, it will be published (maybe also in the social channels). The better you prepare your entry and the more information you provide, the bigger is your chance to be published. Nevertheless, it is not possible to publish everything that is submitted as we receive many submissions every day. Some tipps how to improve your submission:

Submitting publications

Title, Subtitle, Designers, Authors, Editors, Publishers, Publishing house, Release date (month/year), Volume (how many pages), Format (XX × XX cm), Language, Production/Finishing (how has it been produced, who has been involved), ISBN/ISSN/EAN, Retail price (in €), where to buy?

You can find some examples here.

Submitting typefaces

Name of the typeface, Type foundry, Designers, Release date (month/year), Weights, Styles, File formats, Test version (Yes/No, where to get), Prices (costs for single weights/family etc.), where to buy?

You can find some examples here.

Submitting events

Title, Subtitel, Date(s) (where/when), Organizers, Curators, Categories (e.g. for competitions), Costs (e.g. prices for tickets, costs for submissions, workshops etc.)

You can find some examples here.

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