Democratize Creativity

Release: November 2016
Volume: 112 pages
Format: 13 × 19 cm
Price: 18,00 

The world cannot be divided into creative and uncreative people. This is a fallacy that is being spread by a self-proclaimed “elite” who cling to a long outdated cult of genius. And “Democratize Creativity” proves it right away.

The copywriter Denisse Ariana Pérez, who works at the Swedish design agency Essen International, pleads for the democratisation of creativity. She clearly rejects all those who see creativity as the privilege of a few. As an expert in the so-called creative business, she provides practical instructions on how each individual can express his or her creative energy.

“Democratize Creativity” is a manifesto against boring straight forward thinkers, stubborn pragmatists and eternal chicken orderers, against yes-men, misfits and all-rounders.


August Dreesbach Verlag


November 2016


112 pages

Format in cm (w × h × d)

13 × 19 cm