Das ABC der Typografie

The “ABC der Typografie” may become your new favorite book. It certainly has what it takes, because no topic is left out here: Character, word, line, font classifications, font history, detailed typography, font choice and effect, typography with Adobe InDesign, and typography in the digital world! All typography concepts and terms are logically structured and explained in a nutshell. Charts and typographic graphics illustrate the rules and basic principles. No question remains open!

The Eggplant Collective Stickermag

22 Pictoplasma Academy Alumni go sticking crazy! Caused by an explosion of creativity at the first Pictoplasma Academy in Berlin, “THE EGGPLANT COLLECTIVE STICKERMAG” was born. The various artists unite their love for character design – from eggplants to avocados, cats and creatures, to vampires and zombies. You can find them all in the their first Stickermag.

This issue presents – as usual – works of international artists like: zapatoverde (GTM), Gutless Wonder (UK), Ricardo Munoz (ECU), Six (AUT), Nerderella (NL), Tuuli Juntunen (FIN), Ninna Thorarinsdottir (ISL), Goldmaki (CH), Siv Nordsveen (NOR), Ramiro Amorena (ARG), Protoplanet Studio (GER), Lukas Gülcher (AUS), Pabs (MEX), Captain Lala (AUS), happyfunny (PRI), Tirzaworld (NL), Claymen (IND), Sarah Klan (UK), WaRjul (GER), Luma (ISR), Dunk0Tron (AUS), Memi Mizukami (JPN).
The mag contains about 200 seperate peelable stickers.

Slanted Magazine #35—L.A.

From the perspective of a European, Los Angeles is the opposite of our old metropolises. The sprawling multi-dimensionality is alien, and for many, gets on our nerves: the tangled network of highways and the constant driving around (damn you, General Motors streetcar scandal!), the emphasized nonchalance and never ending optimism of everyone, the sunny weather, the ingenious modernist architecture, the film industry, the tourists and the shitty art museums … perhaps, just perhaps everything about this city gets on our nerves. Despite, or maybe because of all of this, L.A. is a fucking awesome city, both in the Biblical sense and the slang sense. This staggering awesomeness is fucking undeniable.

We wanted to meet Ed Ruscha to talk about his mysteriously seductive and motionless-looking reductive paintings. Unfortunately it didn’t work out, but his piece “Hollywood is a verb” inspired the three different titles/cover variations of this issue. We would also have liked to see David Hockney, who fled the austerity and grey oppression of England (an early Brexit) to Los Angeles to discover a sunny and hedonistic city. No dice there, either. But hey!, in a town like L.A. and on a production like Slanted’s, not everything has to work out. Often, the best things happen when they’re not planned, just as they did here.

We hung out with the wonderful actor Udo Kier and learned a lot about Hollywood and his life. We spent a superb evening with Sarah Lorenzen and her husband, photographer David Hartwell, who meticulously restored the Neutra VDL Studio and Residences, the home of architect Richard Neutra (see our video interviews), and a number of other luminaries.

Our partner-in-crime Ian Lynam introduced us to tons of great designers, artists and teachers, who all—really, all—when asked where their allegiance lies: with N.Y. or L.A., yelled “L.A.!!!” without batting an eyelid. You can find their brilliant works in the new issue, and a deeper look at their opinions and views through video interviews that can be watched online on our video platform for free.

Illustrations, interviews, essays, and a huge appendix with many useful tips and the best Californian typefaces complement the issue thematically.

Have a look at our limited L.A. special edition, containing an enamel pin showcasing your love for a good read, and a super glossy notebook to write down all your ideas.

Offset Printing: Stober
Silkscreen Printing: Seismografics
Paper: PERGRAPHICA® by Mondi Group

Notes of Berlin. Das Buch.

After the calendar is only available for a short time and regularly sold out, fans of the award-winning cult blog will for the first time be able to enjoy a photo book with the best and funniest note photos from the city! This way we provide our more than 500,000 Instagram, Facebook and Twitter fans and everyone else with the finest paper photos throughout the year!

Since 2010, Joab Nist has been documenting the strangest notes from the streets of Berlin on www.notesofberlin.com every day. With up to one million page views per month, his blog is one of the most famous in this country. So far, the community has sent in more than 50,000 found objects and this book presents an exquisite best of them.

Pure urban everyday culture in its purest form.

Stickélium Stickermag

“Stickers + Mycélium = Stickélium”—This simple equation produced an invisible mycelium made of artists, bookmakers and art lovers (you!), which is as incredibly diverse as the mycological inspiration, these stickers being the mushrooms of this metaphorical mycelium, growing and popping to the light for your delight.

The mushroom kingdom feeds on death (or turn ants into literal zombies) and yet sustains life like no other – mycorrhiza, the underground symbiosis between the mycelium and the plants, enables trees to exchange nutrients and information, like an Internet of Nature. It reproduces itself through any conceivable means, from asexual cloning to a record of 30.000 different sexes in one species. Its universally intriguing cultural presence, from fairy tales to the shaman’s starter kit, its incredible promises in biotechnology or its generous gifts of bread & beer to humans (thank you, yeasts!) are some of the elements that inspired the marvelous artists who grew their artworks in these pages. 12 women & 12 men whose technique, imagination and personal background form the utterly diverse, soulful and absolutely enchanting aesthetic ecosystem I was dreaming of when I started the mushroom artist hunt. Enjoy!

Featured artists: Alexandra Zutto | Ossi Pirkonen | MLN (Mélanie Béguier) | Edward Neo | Hiné Mizushima | Jim Stoten | Emmanuelle Le Nouaille | Ooong (Ted Hwang) | Moki | Akinori Oishi | Yoii (Anna Johnstone) | Angrysnail (Nikita Solo) | Rob Flowers | Cream Team (Chelsea Agno) | Vlad Stankovic | Zarella Solis | Jæn | The Friendly Fungus (Anna Towers) | Cosmic Nuggets | Monika Mitkuté | MUTE (Nathaniel Rueda) | Charlotte Couderc | Alex Heywood | Aafke Mertens

The mag contains about 200 seperate peelable stickers!

Poster C004

Shapes is a graphic artist from Manchester. Inspired by cycling and modernism his compositions are abided to a strict and structured grid system with an emphasis on elementary shapes, a peculiar colors palette and elegant use of negative space.

Poster C018

Shapes is a graphic artist from Manchester. Inspired by cycling and modernism his compositions are abided to a strict and structured grid system. He focuses with an emphasis on elementary shapes, as well as a peculiar colors palette and elegant use of negative space. The designs are full of life and plotted, so it appears to be a good example for various design-based products. His visuals will surely help to improve your home or office.

Poster C012

Shapes is a graphic artist from Manchester. Inspired by cycling and modernism his compositions are abided to a strict and structured grid system. He focuses with an emphasis on elementary shapes, as well as a peculiar colors palette and elegant use of negative space. The designs are full of life and plotted, so it appears to be a good example for various design-based products. His visuals will surely help to improve your home or office.

Mut zur Wut × Compendium

Since 2010, Mut zur Wut has organized poster exhibitions in the public space in Heidelberg, Germany. Within the framework of a competition, an international jury awards 30 posters per year. The winning posters are then exhibited throughout the city. A collection of the winners from 2010–2019 has now been published in this anniversary catalogue.

In line with the brand name Mut zur Wut, wich translates as “Courage to Anger,” the posters critically deal with social, political and / or personal issues. Their motifs include expressive, bitingly humorous statements on current events, alongside visual memories of dramatic political situations.

The designers devote themselves, uncompromisingly and freely, to uncomfortable topics, thus pushing the medium of the poster back into the context of the thought and discussion.

Auslöser Magazine Issue 3

Interview with Paul Albert Leitner, Nadia Morozewicz, Daniel Chatard, Katrin Koenning.

Behind the scenes: Vienna Secession.

In detail: Apple QuickTake


“SMELLS LIKE CHEWING GUM”—The Beauty Issue is full of interviews, reports, stories, photo and art works by internationally known and upcoming artists and authors. From which ingredients does beauty develop? Where do we find beautiful things in the world? What is beautiful? Who determines what is beautiful and what is ugly? We’ll try to answer these questions by talking to people who might have found the answer.

The Beauty Issue comes along with contributions by:

20+1. Ein Vergleich von ausgewählten serifenlosen Schriften der letzten zwanzig Jahre.

“20+1. Ein Vergleich von ausgewählten serifenlosen Schriften der letzten zwanzig Jahre.” is a study that was produced as part of the “Jahreskurs Typografie” (tgm Munich), led by Rudolf Paulus Gorbach, that captivates both with its content and its careful and aesthetic design: a comparative investigation of sans serif typefaces from the last twenty years.

In the first chapter the proportions of upper and lower case letters are shown. Chapter Two deals with the capitals of the twenty-one scriptures and Chapter Three with the common ones.

Twenty-one (20+1) fonts for one sans serif font each year! A book for all those who daily use sans serif fonts, who are perhaps still searching for the right one and who have always lost themselves in the small, fine but decisive differences, but also wanted to find them again.

Including: Quay Sans 1990, DTL Argo 1991, Myriad 1992, Scala Sans 1993, TheSans 1994, DIN 1995, Dax 1996, Corpid 1997, ITC Officina Sans 1998, Linotype Aroma 1999, FF Fago 2000, Compatil Fact 2001, PTL Manual Sans 2002, FF Unit 2003, FF Nexus Sans 2004, Monitor 2005, Phoenica 2006, Candara 2007, Museo Sans 2008, Secca 2009 und Carter Sans 2010


Democratize Creativity

The world cannot be divided into creative and uncreative people. This is a fallacy that is being spread by a self-proclaimed “elite” who cling to a long outdated cult of genius. And “Democratize Creativity” proves it right away.

The copywriter Denisse Ariana Pérez, who works at the Swedish design agency Essen International, pleads for the democratisation of creativity. She clearly rejects all those who see creativity as the privilege of a few. As an expert in the so-called creative business, she provides practical instructions on how each individual can express his or her creative energy.

“Democratize Creativity” is a manifesto against boring straight forward thinkers, stubborn pragmatists and eternal chicken orderers, against yes-men, misfits and all-rounders.

KLEBSTOFF Stickermag #10

KLEBSTOFF Stickermag #10 lives!

We will never stop collecting our favorite sticker artists all together in one magazine … like this one. Since this number is somewhat like an anniversary number, we asked artists you will surely remember to contribute their latest stuff and of course some new guys you’ve never seen before.
Artists in this issue: Raquel Meyers (SWE), Baptiste Virot (FR), Nuria Figueiredo (ES), Sebastian Schwamm (GER), Ana Benaroya (USA), Robokid (GER), Nick Alston (JP), Berto Fojo (ES), HOR (GER), Lukas Weidinger (AUT), Boyane (KOR) and many more.


No matter where we look, we are surrounded by beautiful images. Yet, with this excess in beauty all around, why should we bother to remember any of it?
AVERSIVE ADHESIVES looks into the other direction and explores the icky, the disturbing, the unsettling, or in some way “aversive” images that repel upon sight. However, because of their repulsive nature, even when looking away these images become adhesive to you.
AVERSIVE ADHESIVES shines a light on a number of individuals who approach photography in new, unusual ways and who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty to create images that will stick with you.

Concept: Max Siedentopf
Photographers: Roger Ballen, Olaf Breuning, Jesús Monterde, Thomas Mailaender, Yumiko Utsu, Jaimie Warren, Beni Bischof, Parker Day, Thomas Rousset, Pieter Hugo, Jaap Scheeren, Andy Kania, Olya Oleinic, Chris Maggio

KLEBSTOFF Stickermag #11

Print’s not dead! While everbody sheds tears about their print sales, we just keep on printing. On to the next one—Klebstoff #11 is ready! This time we have handmade cookies out of the International Neighborhood focusing on the boards that mean the world. Miscellaneous artists we met at the infamous SHRED EXPO have contributed their artworks for Klebstoff Stickermag #11. To mantain a decent mixture there are illu nerds on board from all over the world. And pizza! Mmm … Pizza.

We‘re rolling with Azimet Ahmet (Turkey), Anton Akey (Ukraine), Brainfart (Switzerland), Capstan Design (Germany), Carlo Vivary (Germany), Dennis Gabbana (Germany), Foodie (Germany), Jasmin Roggenkamp/Raccoon Skateboarding (Germany), Lance Schmale (Netherlands), Lara Swiontek (Germany), MUAH! (Germany), Nadja Barth (Germany), NLSN (USA), Pablo Perra (Germany), Paw (Spain), Pro Heroes (Greece), Rachel Oregan (Ireland), Ralph Niese (Germany), Solaris 100 (Germany), Tamar Moshkovitz GO-TAM (Germany), Tina Mamczur (Germany), Yusuke Inoue (Japan).

COZI + KLEBSTOFF Stickermag #12

’Dis time the infamous COZI-Collective threw in the lion’s share in COZI + KLEBSTOFF Stickermag #12. Nevertheless, there are KLEBSTOFF-Friendz on 48 pages – including 24 sticker pages – getting cozy. Again we gathered lots of wonderful international artists. Since the COZI Comic- & Zinefest takes place (same time the Frankfurter Buchmesse takes place), this collabo mag is about to release. That’s why it’s a special delight for us to bring this well-nourished lamb to the market and to let you disembowel the countless stickers. As usual: strictly limited edition. So grab your specimen while it‘s still fresh from the press.

Who’s with us in COZI + KLEBSTOFF Stickermag #12 this time?
Adrian Durrani, Anna Haifisch, Benedikt Luft, Die PARTEI Sachsen, Genia Espinosa, James Turek, Johanna Bieber, Juliane Maria Hoffmann, Karla Paloma, Kentaro Okawa & Kid Gringo (Cover&Backcover), Lina Ehrentraut, Max Baitinger, Michel Esselbrügge, Minho Jung, Mr. Impact, Nadine Kolodziey, Paul D’Orlando & Lukas Weidinger, Riso Club Allstars, Ritak, Sebastian König, Sonja Yakovleva, Stefanie Sargnagel, Wooden Cyclops.


What are illusions? Illusions trick you into perceiving something differently than it actually exists, so what you see does not correspond to physical reality. While scientists and doctors are studying how pathological illusion arises, our excellent designers are also working on how to trick your eyes with graphic illusion! In Optical Illusions in Graphic Design, it’s unbelievable to see how simple elements create extraordinary effects that attract your attention, make you doubt, and fall for their “tricks.” Waves and mazes formed by simple lines, overlapping images that cannot count the layers, stereoscopic vision from graphic to space, you will experience what optical illusions in graphic design does with your own eyes! Be prepared, and welcome to the “dizzyland!”

Wang Shaoqiang is a professor and graduate supervisor at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (China). He is a prolific editor whose works focus on international design, architecture, branding, communication, trends, and culture. Also, he is the editor of Design 360° magazine and Asia-Pacific Design. He has been invited to lecture at numerous universities, design academies, and organizations, and he has also been a jury member for China’s most prestigious design and illustration awards. Mr. Wang is also director of the Guangdong Museum of Art and professor and doctoral supervisor at the College of Arts and Humanities within the Macau University of Science and Technology.

further 01

The Fotobus Society, set up by Christoph Bangert, is a network that connects more than 400 photography students from 29 German and European universities and photography schools. Members can avail themselves of a wide range of cultural and social activities offered by the association. At the heart of the community is a 30-year-old bus serving as a mobile photography school that regularly carries members to photo festivals, symposia, and professional events. Over the last years, the association has firmly established itself as a promoter of cultural and academic exchange within the international photography scene.

FURTHER 01 is showcasing selected works by members, inaugurates a series that from now on will be published annually by Verlag Kettler. The projects presented in this first edition offer an overview of different contemporary approaches that oscillate between documentary and conceptual photography, challenging and crossing the boundaries of the genre. Many of these works have already received international awards. Collected in a single volume, they provide intriguing insights into today’s young European world of photography.

Works by: Arne Piepke, Mafalda Rakoš, Vivian Rutsch, Max Slobodda, Felix Kleymann, Lena Kunz, Elias Holzknecht, Martin Lamberty, Maximilian Mann, Lucas Bäuml & Lando Hass, Alexander Ziegler, Ole Witt, Luise Jakobi, Ronja Hermann, Jann Höfer, Ingmar B. Nolting, Kristina Lenz, Markus Seibel, Patrick Junker, Lukas Kreibig, Sebi Berens, Rafael Heygster, Richard Heinicke, Magnus Terhorst & Thomas Morsch, Anna Roters, Theresa Albers, Fabian Ritter, Katja Sterzik & Wolfgang Gähtgens & Ronja Hermann & Florian Genz, Monika Hanfland, Victoria Jung, Elena Fiebig, Marvin Böhm, Josh Kern, Benedikt Ziegler

NEW 3D EFFECTS IN GRAPHIC DESIGN—2D Solutions for Achieving the Best Pop Up Results

New 3D Effects in Graphic Design presents an eclectic selection of a hundred graphic design projects that are drawn from a wide variety of areas and incorporate three-dimensional effects. Through using 3D tools, each of these sophisticated projects reveals spectacular, hypnotic and dynamic effects that lend depth and visual impact. The volume demonstrates the different possibilities for combining 2D and 3D and for applying those combinations to different graphical elements to communicate a message with fresher and stronger expressiveness. It includes photographs of each of the practical applications of the projects, which range from posters for exhibitions and events to branding and corporate identity, and its descriptive texts cover the applied techniques and details of the graphics processes.

This book demonstrates how proficiency in 3D tools can open up futuristic, agile and fun finishes for projects. New 3D Effects in Graphic Design is a guide full of inspiration and practical ideas for graphic designers and students.

Design 360° is one of the major Asian design magazines. It is dedicated to get international advanced design concepts, original works, outstanding designers and prestigious design institutes introduced in their best way. Also, it covers graphic, industrial, fashion, illustration and digital, design, among many other-related topics. It is an informative source for students in art and design academies, professional designers, and design lovers who take great interest in international design trend. It has built up a bridge between the design industry in China and that of the rest of the world.

Dutch Type (Reprint)

Published in March 2004, Dutch Type was sold out about four years later. Only in the end of 2018 the reprint was published: In Dutch Type, Jan Middendorp presents a comprehensive overview of type design and lettering in the Netherlands, tracing its origins through type designers and lettering artists from the 15th to the 20th centuries.

Partly based on interviews, the book also offers insight into the motives and methods of the first generations of digital type designers, featuring published and unpublished typefaces as well as sketches, studies, and samples of lettering work. While the quest for quality and innovation has remained constant, it makes clear that the advent of desktop type has opened up the discipline to a more spontaneous, inventive, and democratic approach.

FIESTA—The Branding and Identity of Festivals

Fiesta: The Branding and Identity of Festivals is a compilation of remarkable branding designs and campaigns for a variety of renowned festivals from around the world. The festivals examined span the worlds of music, cinema, design, gastronomy, culture, and art. The identity and communication campaign strategies deployed by festivals encompass an endless array of design techniques, from graphic elements such as logos, posters, web pages, advertisements, mobile apps, tickets, and wristbands to collectible items like T-shirts, bags, and cups.

Fiesta will inspire and serve as a useful tool for graphic designers and branding agencies that seek to handle challenging and wide-ranging festival projects with the highest degree of creativity and imagination, as well as for festival organizers and anyone interested in visual culture in general. The events featured show that the success of a festival has a close connection to its tailor-made branding and design and that no matter what the subject of the festival is, it is essential to have a coherent identity strategy.

Wang Shaoqiang is a professor at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (China), where he is Professor and Graduate Supervisor. He is a prolific editor, whose titles focus on international design, architecture, branding, communication, trends and culture, and the editor of Design 360° magazine and Asia-Pacific Design.

Limited Special Edition L.A. / Notebook + Enamel Pin

On occasion of the release of Slanted Magazine #35—L.A., a limited special edition has been published and is exclusively available in the Slanted shop. It contains an enamel pin showcasing your love for a good read, and a super glossy notebook to write down all your ideas.


You are definitely making a statement and not raising questions. This high glossy, neon-colored notebook in a handy format gives you the space you need to write down your ideas and thoughts on 176 pages of premium paper. The pages have a fine dot grid and a light purple bookmark to help you find your way.

Production: nuuna by brandbook
Format: 10.8 × 15 cm
Volume: 176 pages
Paper: Munken Polar, 120 g/sm (endpaper 200 g/sm)
Cover: Glossy Artificial Leather, neon-orange
Printing: Silkscreen printing
Workmanship: Flexcover with rounded corners, lilac bookmark


This hard enamel pin not only shows your love for a good read 😉

Format: 3.17 cm / 1.25″
Color: White & Yellow
Plating: Black Nickel Metal

This Way! Explore special arrows in all our fonts—Type specimen

This Way! As a type foundry, we are obsessed with arrows—all our fonts contain additional sets of navigation symbols. This inspired us to go beyond typography and put together broader presentations: type specimen focused on arrows and an exhibition* guide where you can find fascinating stories behind navigation tools that we use every day.

From the Type Specimen introduction:
Have you ever thought where the cursor came from? Or why the oldest arrow ever created was showing the way to a brothel? The answers to those questions are part of those publications. The project aims to explain the historical background of arrows and exciting phenomena related to them. Understanding the context of those signs can help clarify the development of human perception. The spectrum of interpretation is broad: the arrow could have been a tool for killing (as in the case of Robin Hood), it could be an indicator of directions or even a symbol of love (Cupid’s attribute). “This way!” initiative will not set a course for your life, but it might explain some of the stories behind arrows which are an active, but often hidden part of our everyday life.

*The exhibition was part of the Weltformat Graphic Design Festival, Luzern, Switzerland, 2019.